Through our partnership with TI Solutions, we offer a proprietary leasing structure that eliminates capital expense for tenant improvements. Additional TI is provided by the landlord as a second TI allowance via a Turn-Key TI Lease (TKL). TKL rent is based off the tenant’s credit rating.

The Result: 100% Turn-Key TI from the Landlord at competitive rates.

Convert Capex to rent.

For Landlords:

  • Offer tenants turn-key 100% TI allowance
  • Zero cost, obligation or credit risk to the landlord
  • Generate additional unencumbered rental income
  • Preserve landlord capital and reduce traditional market TI allowance if desired
  • Flexibility on free rent, amortization & prepayment

For Tenants:

  • Eliminate Capex for TI
  • Long-term fixed rent rate, or
  • Pricing matched to shorter-term index 
  • Reduced GAAP expense
  • Improved after-tax free cash flow (NPV)   
  • Lower cost for administration of fixed asset reporting compared to owning TI 

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