Ray’s Boathouse

Interior redesign to Ray's Boathouse.

Ray’s Boathouse interior design features all new tabletops and flooring throughout. New reception area features curved walls, new trim, and paint. We installed new flooring in the kitchen area and updated the lighting throughout. All work was completed within two weeks, and allowed the restaurant to be open during business hours.

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Type: Restaurant

Start Date: January 5th, 2015

End Date: January 15th, 2015

Project categories: Restaurant

Welcome to Ray's Boathouse. Entry level desk.
A reproduction of the iconic signage from outside is mounted above the reception desk.
Redesigned the front desk to provide better flow into the restaurant.
Front desk view of the flat panel display that rotates menu feature photos.
Close up of the front desk countertop shows the beautiful detail.
New table tops throughout Ray's Boathouse.
New bar top tables alongside the new table tops.
New flooring throughout.
New flooring detail.
New flooring in the kitchen.
New flooring in the kitchen.
Dining area featuring natural gas powered stone fireplace.
Wider view of dining area.
Salmon are portrayed throughout the restaurant. This also features some of the new coved lighting.
Bar features new curved wall around reception area. Refinishing and trim was done.
Back dining are featuring more of the coved lighting and second tone fireplace.
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